16g diy dispensing needle for eliquid


16 guage blunt tip needle for fill your rta or measure and fill your flavour concentrate or Eliquid. This medical grade needle is made in India and made with only medical grade material. All needle can easily fit on any medical syringe very easily. Ideal for diy Eliquid maker or fill your vape tank without any leakage more.

  • Ideal for refilling e-liquid for RTA atomizers or dispensing
  • Measure your diy concentrate more accurate
  • Secure anti-leakage thread
  • Steel needle length 1.25 inches
  • Medical grade material
  • Plastic with stainless steel needle
  • Compactable with any medical syringe. Just add any ml syringe and measure your liquid with perfect accuracy.
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Cost saving than plastic dropper and pippete

For diy and Eliquid, propylene glycol , nicotine and flavour concentrate filling and measure. Use any medical syringe with this needle available on medical shop.


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