F.A Qs

F. A. Qs


Why choose vapourscloud?

Vapourscloud is promising to provide high end quality products in minimum budget to their customers. We always try our best to introduce a product with minimum price to our customer so that every customer can easily shop with us with no budget problem and we provide our quality customer service which communicate with our customer and inform them about anything which they want. So we can say vapourscloud is a good deal for the customers who wants reliable and quality products in a good budget.

Is there any guarantee or return for e liquid

Actually, E vaping is a very competitive business and we try our best to lead ion the competition. Our guarantee of e liquid is limited as if we deliver any damage bottle or product to customer which can damage sometime in shipping. We replace it in 24 hours by sending new one. But e liquid taste is very subjective and depends on person choice like one person like tobacco flavour so he doesn’t like fruit flavour. In that case the person does not like fruit flavour but it does not mean that fruit e liquid is bad. It’s very subjective and depends taste buds. So like other companies we does not provide guarantee about taste. While we always provide our best to customers. So please choose right profile of flavour according to your taste.


Do you use dycetyl in e liquids?

Dycetyl is a natural occurring compound in human body. And its produce synthetically also. But unfortunately, it is not for vaping. It’s make many impairments to body like popcorn lungs after vaping dycetyl e liquid long. In vapourscloud we never use dycetyl as we work with standards and always to keep safety of our customers. We always recommend to customers always buy from a good source specially e liquid. Because dycetyl make e liquid more creamy and tasty but it makes wrong impact on our body so never use dycetyl e liquid as FDA banned all dycetyl e liquid in western and European countries and we also not supported this ingredients in e liquid strictly. We brew our e liquid with world class ingredients and we check our ingredient quality in lab always.

In vapourscloud we always use ingredients from USA, UK, POLLAND, TAIWAN, ITLY. So, our  e liquid is 100% safe and dycetyl free and you can choose us without any hesitation.


How you can provide lowest prices always of e liquids?

We are e liquid manufacture so we are the first step in the chain to set prices of our product. Also we manufactured in bulk quantity so bulk manufacturing reduce cost of product always.

Also like many other sellers we do not buy e liquid from others and do not import from other countries. commission of distributers and retailers and import fees makes e liquid not high but very high. We have ended any unfair profit margin this by manufacturing our own brand

How much time it takes to reach order to customer?

 It takes from 2 days to 5 days after shipment send from us. We send all shipments in one or two days expect Sunday and any national holiday.


Where to contact for any query?

You can fill out inquiry form and will reach out to you earlier.


Do you sell in wholesale?

Yes we do sell. for that you can raise a query on our contact section.


I placed a order and have not got yet?

In case you need not worry. With vapourscloud your order are safe and we take 100% guarantee to reach your order to you. Just contact us in case you feel any difficulty in tracking or shipment delay. We always solve any problem asap.


I have received broken or damaged product in shipping?

Just take a picture of broken bottle and send to us. We replace your damaged product and with in 48 hours we ship new product in replacement of damaged one.


Is my payment details safe with vapourscloud?

Yes your payment details are 100% safe with us because we use SSL CERTIFIED payment gateway and our website is protected with other SSL security. So there is no chance for any problem.

Also we follow privacy policy in terms of customer data safety. We never share your contact details , phone no or email to others. We have strict policy for that because cuatomers privacy is always our priority.


Finally what is expiry date of your Eliquid which we purchase? If we buy any Eliquid from vapourscloud so how we can know that it had a long expiry time left

Our Eliquid manufacture in every 14 day. We make each batch in 2.5-3 litre and in 14 days every flavour repeat with new batch so here is 0 chance to get any Eliquid which has a short shelf life left. You get always fresh Eliquid.

However if you want to keep it with you for long time so we advise you to keep the bottle tightly closed and keep in a dark and cool place so that you can keep it for lo g time with you. Your can keep our Eliquid 1-1.5 year easily. Only to keep in mind that place it in a nice condition.